Jarus Wealth Advisors LLC is an Orange County financial planner and investment management firm.

We use thoughtful financial planning and personalized investment strategies to achieve your financial goals.  As CPA’s we offer a unique perspective on planning and create highly tax efficient investments for our clients.

Orange County Financial Planners and CPAs

Orange County Investment Advisor

If you have been searching for an Orange County Financial Planner we hope you will spend some time on our site and give us a call. My name is Ryan Jarus, CPA and for over 12 years I have been helping individuals and businesses manage their success and plan for the future. As an Orange County financial planner and a CPA I assist clients with crafting financial plans that are easy to understand and bring insight into the process so that clients can better understand how they may retire comfortably and sleep well at night on their way there.

I describe our service as total wealth management because we use our diverse skill sets to plan every aspect of our clients’ financial plans. With most advisors your limited to investment advise so you’re sent out hunting for financial planners, CPA’s, risk advisors and estate planners. When working with Jarus Wealth Advisors LLC you’ll have the convenience of financial planning, investments, tax return preparation, insurance assessments and estate planning all under one roof and all presented to you in one simple statement via our Wealth Management Portal. Our complementary wealth planning portal updates the values of all of your investments, savings account, insurance, mortgage and other accounts in real time.

Orange County Financial Planner

Just “hoping” that you are saving enough for retirement is not a very good plan. Ryan Jarus, CPA assists clients with creating comprehensive financial plans that take the uncertainty out of retirement planning in Orange County. Our firm takes a holistic approach to financial planning and assists clients with implementing investment plans with the lowest possible fees so you the investor keep a lion’s share of your investment return. We are a fee-only firm and accept no commissions. Your best interests are our best interests.

  • Create easy to understand financial plans
  • Assist with all important financial decsions
  • Take the guess work out of retirement planning
  • Maintain your lifestyle in retirement

Before you owned your own business retirement savings options were easy. You had 401k’s and maybe some additional investments in a traditional or roth IRA. Now that you own a business there a many more options available to you and fortunately many have even higher limits than 401ks. Each of these retirement options have different pros and cons and it’s our job to see you make the best possible choice. Because Jarus Wealth Advisors LLC is a fee-only & commission-free firm, Ryan Jarus, CPA does not have a financial incentive to push you into a specific plan.  He will put you into the right plan for YOU.  This allows us to look at your unique situation and make the best possible recommendation. And with a majority of our clients being business owners we know what’s important to you and your business.  If you are looking through Orange County financial planners and are ready to have a free consultation to really learn about the process please give us a call!

  • Solo 401(k), also sometimes referred to as Individual 401(k) or owners-only 401(k)
  • SEP IRA (Simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Arrangement)
  • SIMPLE IRA (Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees of Small Employers)
  • Profit sharing plans

We are CPA’s and financial planners. As such we create financial plans that help to manage one of your single largest expenses. With a detailed understanding and thoughtful planning you can legally reduce your tax liability. Congress has buried deductions in volumes of documents and it’s our job to dig them out and take advantage of them in your personal and business tax returns.

  • Ensure you’re operating your business in the most tax efficient type of entity
  • Present options creating the greatest tax deferral so you can invest the government’s money for your own gain
  • We are CPA’s and we will completely analyze your unique tax situaiton
  • We can file your personal, business and trust tax returns
  • Jarus Wealth Advisors works closely with Orange County’s best estate planning attorneys
  • Assist with planning for sale of business
  • We can assist with philanthropic planning helping you give to causes that are dear to you

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