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Jarus Wealth Advisors LLC is an independent, fee-only, full service investment advisor registered in the state of California.  We offer financial planning and create customized investment portfolios that are passively managed, well diversified, goal based, tax efficient, and typically comprised of both stocks and bonds.  Our clients include business owners, entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, trusts, endowments, retirement plan sponsors and business entities.  All have direct access to our expertise and advice.

We craft stable investment strategies designed to support the long term financial goals of our clients.  Jarus Wealth Advisors LLC works exclusively with Charles Schwab who acts as our custodian holding all client assets.  Charles Schwab delivers reports directly to our clients which are in addition to our firms own reporting system.  We are able to offer our clients a wide range of low expense ratio, low turnover, tax efficient index funds through Charles Schwab.  We also recommend Vanguard funds and selected Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) as well as CD’s, Treasuries, and corporate and municipal bonds for laddered maturity fixed-income requirements.

Investors want their money to multiply with compounding returns over time.  They do not need high fees and back end commissions to erode the return and compounding ability of their portfolio.  This is why Jarus Wealth Advisors LLC is a fee-only firm charging one low fixed fee for portfolio management.  There is not reason an investor should pay for high turnover, high fee, tax inefficient investment from the big wall street firms.  The truth is, most investors overpay for financial services, not even knowing they are subject to inferior strategies that subject them to unnecessary risk and mediocre returns.

We enjoy educating clients on the values of passively managed, index based investing with low fees and great compounded returns.   We love seeing the client experience that eye opening moment when they realize how our simplified investment approach can yield exceptional results and also let them sleep well at night.  We hope you will reach out to us to see how Jarus Wealth Advisors LLC can help you manage your portfolio.

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