Tax Planning and Preparation

Tax Planning and Tax Return Preparation

At our core we are CPAs.  Jarus Wealth Advisors LLC is uniquely qualified to manage what most of our clients find to be their single largest expense: TAXES!  As CPAs we understand the need to craft strategic tax plans which can minimize short term and long term tax liabilities.  Having your portfolio manager and CPA being one in the same is a huge advantage because greater attention to tax efficiency will be woven into every investment.

Tax preparation is offered through Jarus & Co CPA which is our sister firm.  Tax preparation is one of the many services we offer our clients and we find it is extremely convenient to offer both services under one roof as it eliminates the need for a client to be the “go between” for two separate service providers.

Strategically tax planning is a very important aspect of any comprehensive wealth management. There are also matters of gift and inheritance taxes that need to be carefully attended to so that you achieve the greatest possible wealth accumulation.  We are uniquely qualified to assist you with implementing these strategies as opposed to other non-CPA financial advisors.

We treat tax planning as an on-going process since tax law is dynamic and changing each day as court cases are settled, revenue rulings issued and other authoritative guidance issued.  Our team of CPA’s have the knowledge to guide you in the tax implications associated with gains and losses, 1031 exchanges, wash sales, dividends and more.

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