We are a fee-only firm – know the difference:

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As a “fee-only” wealth management firm we keep our clients’ interests first.  We never accept commissions and accept only a predetermined fee directly from our wealth advisory clients.  This allows us to make completely unbiased decisions with regards to investment selection and is really the basis for why we recommend ultra-low expense ratio, ultra-low turnover index funds to our clients.  These investments have low expense ratios because nothing ever comes back to us as your advisor and more of your money works for you and compounds over time.

Many other advisors tout themselves as “fee-based” which is a confusing term and essentially means the client is charged a fee but also commissions!  Be wary of such advisors as it may prove difficult for them to keep your best interests in mind.  Upon close inspection you will typically find their total fees much higher than ours.  Below you will find a simple overview of our fees for investment management and financial planning.

Portfolio Management

Fees are calculated at 1.00% annually of the first $1,000,000 in investable assets, 0.75% annually of the amount between $1,000,000 and $3,000,000, and .50% annually on assets above that amount. Fees are calculated and paid quarterly in arrears, directly from your investment accounts or by payment from you (outside the account) should you choose to maximize assets within your accounts.

Asset Level Annual Fee
First $1,000,000 1.00% Annually
Next $1,000,001 and $3,000,000 0.75% Annually
Next $3,000,001 and up 0.50% Annually

At this time Jarus Wealth Advisors LLC is accepting clients with investable assets in excess of $200,000.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is offered at NO CHARGE to clients with $250,000+ in assets managed by Jarus Wealth Advisors LLC ! This is of tremendous value to our clients as the standalone cost to prepare a financial plan is typically $1,000 to $3,000 plus the investment management fees.

Clients may request financial planning without ongoing portfolio management.  However most of our clients have our firm produce a financial plan and also handle their portfolio management including quarterly re-balancing of their portfolios.

While the plan will include recommendations, the responsibility for implementation remains with the client if Jarus Wealth Advisors LLC is not engaged to perform the portfolio management.  The fee for financial plan preparation only is typically $1,000 to $3,000, depending on the complexity of the plan.  Our underlying billing rate for financial planning is $250 per hour but a fixed fee is almost always negotiated prior to producing a financial plan.

Other Fee Arrangements

While the above fee structure covers a majority of financial situations, please feel free to call us and we’ll be happy to discuss a fee arrangement appropriate to your unique circumstances.

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